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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 03-20-2010 2:00-2:45 P.M.

Directors present: Dan Weddermann, Jeff Williams, Seth Abrams, Abbas Zeineddin, Maxwell Williams, John Farrar.

Director absent: Jason Boskey.

Seth explained that initially we need to do three things: 1) form an entity; 2) open a bank account; and 3) have a presence via our webpage. The Secretary of State’s cost to form a business entity is $100 and we need a $150 to open a bank account for a total of $250. Seth has agreed to do #1 and #2 by the end of the week as long as he is reimbursed later or the $250 is counted towards his contribution to the club.

Seth explained that for the purposes of doing business, the Treasurer would have the authority to sign for checks in smaller amounts. For larger amounts, the Treasurer plus two board members would be required. For very large purchases, we would need a Board resolution. The exact details of this process will be part of our bylaws that we will begin drafting soon.

Seth liked Michael Pitts’ idea during the open house discussion, where Michael suggested we must understand that there are some start-up costs that we have to absorb. As the founding members of the club, this should give us additional club benefits in the long run. Seth reiterated the importance of structure in our organization leading to building up operating/capital funds and growth.

Dan stressed the importance of looking for stones and rinks for ice time. He further stated that he will look into these matters and follow up with the Board. He had already indicated during the open house discussion that he will initiate contact with USA Curling as the club President.

Abbas recommended for us to talk to a curling club that is only a few years old and was organized from scratch just like what we are trying to do. He believes that we can learn from their experiences. John agreed to talk to Raleigh’s Triangle Curling Club, which is a club that is only a few years old.

Dan also asked Max to contact Jeremy Barfield and inquire about the design Jeremy had posted on our facebook page. Dan would like to know if we can use the design for club merchandise for sale or as a promotional tool and that the design does not have any copyright restrictions.

Meeting adjourned.