Open House Discussion Minutes 03-20-2010 12:30-2:00 P.M.

Members present: Jeff please provide from the sign-in sheet.

Jeff and Maxwell Williams presented questions and opened the floor for comments and discussion.

1) Why do you want to join the curling club? What is it that you want to get out of it?

Dan Weddermann: “Curling is competitive and fun. You do not have to be very athletic. You can develop the skills to get to the Olympic level.”

John Farrar: “I would like to be part of building something from the ground in the City of Atlanta and see this as a great opportunity.”

Dixon freeman: “I like the great social component of curling.” Dixon also discussed the book Curling: The History, The Players, The Game by Kevin Martin and recommended it to everyone for history, strategy and rules of curling. He stated that his ultimate fantasy is to be an Olympian by 2014. [1]

Jeff Williams interjected and suggested that we should make a Wiki page for written material and post the book that Dixon just recommended.

Fred Maidment: “I am fascinated by curling, from the strategies point of view. It has very fluid strategies.”

Seth Abrams: “I love the physics of the game, sliding on the ice, and that the ice is the equalizer. It’s all intriguing.”

Kristi Van Buren: “I Curled in Columbus, OH. I want to start again. Curling is very addictive and I almost stayed in Columbus for curling.”

Chuck Field: “I am fascinated by it. I like how curlers have complete control of their bodies when they curl. There’s more to it than people think. There is total body control.”

Maxwell Williams: “I want to defeat Kevin Martin and the Canadians.”

2) What companies should we ask to be our sponsors?

Seth Abrams stated that we need to have a track record first. We need to have something to offer them.

Dixon Freeman stated that alcohol is a big component here. We should contact some local breweries.

Dan Weddermann wanted to know who the sponsored the nationals recently. He stated that he will find out and get back to the members.

Fred Maidment suggested Red Bull as a potential sponsor. Dixon Freeman suggested Georgia Pacific since they make brooms. Michael Pitts suggested Gwinnett Gladiators – minor league ice hockey team.

3) What ideas do you have for fun and useful events that we can hold before we can really curl to draw attention to ourselves or sport of curling?

Dan Weddermann suggested Sweetwater brewery. Dan also suggested volunteering for events as club members wearing Atlanta Curling Club Shirts. He would also like us to make the trip to Knoxville’s Great Smokey Mountains Curling Club for an open house and talk to them.

Fred Maidment suggested for us to work as ushers for Gwinnett Gladiators. Fred also suggested holding a midnight broomball in Duluth.

Dixon Freeman suggested for us to have clinics with those curling simulators that Jeff had talked about earlier.

Jeff Williams suggested attending open skates with track shoes and slide-on sliders. He also stated that there is a club in Greenville, SC that may be closer than Knoxville.

Max Williams stated that curling shoes cost $60 - $120.

Chuck Fields stated that we need to talk to curlers when we go to these out of town curling trips.

4) Who has connections with facilities we can use for event (cheaply)? (Ice rinks, schools, churches, etc.)

Jeff Williams began by stating that for example, with dry curling simulator stuff we still need a facility.

Kristi Van Buren suggested a high school in Dahlonega during the summer. She will inquire and get back with the group.

Jeff Williams stressed that for any publicity-type event we need a facility other than a school.

Paper Mill Grill’s 2nd floor has a large room that could possibly be used for the simulators. We need to know how noisy the simulators are. Also, there is a banquet place next door with concrete floor. A member who works at Paper Mill Grill will inquire and get back to the members.

Someone suggested as a tool to attract members and publicize.

5) What else?

Seth Abrams stressed that things need to get formalized at the end of the day. We need to put an organization together, put a Board of Directors together. The main issue is trying to figure out how we’re going to put things together. We need to make some decisions today.

Michael Pitts stated that we must understand that there are some start-up costs that we have to absorb. As the founding members of the club, this should give us additional club benefits in the long run.

Dan Weddermann stated that we need to get organized. We need an entity, bank account, etc.

Seth Abrams stated that we need to get a slate of people with a direction to get things going.

Jeff Williams followed by saying that we need an interim government to have some sort of election to get things going – Should we pick the executive committee? Members agreed.

Seth Abrams stated that after six months, we will have open slate elections.

Next, Dan called for an Interim Board, followed by Seth Abrams stating that the seven people on the Interim Board (positions listed on the presentation) need to get organized to form an entity.

Maxwell Williams suggested choosing and nominating members internally.

After informal nominations and voice calls, the following are the members of the Interim Board of Directors:

Dan Weddermann – President.

Jeff Williams - Vice President

Seth Abrams – Treasurer/Finance Committee Chair

Abbas Zeineddin – Secretary

Maxwell Williams – Membership Committee Chair.

Jason Boskey - Facilities Committee Chair

John Farrar – Events Committee Chair

Next, the following was agreed:

1) In the mean time for the next six months, the Interim Board has full decision-making power.

2) First day of fall – We will have elections to elect our Board of Directors. We should be done by the bylaws by then.

3) Seth Abrams called for a decision on a name. Atlanta Curling Club (ACC) was approved by a voice vote. Maxwell Williams changed the name of the Club from Atlanta’s First Curling Club to Atlanta Curling Club on our facebook page.

Next, before adjournment members talked about some next steps:

1) Michael Pitt suggested that John Farrar could organize a trip to Knoxville for their June event. He further suggested that John research some hotel room rates.

2) Jeff Williams asked the members to keep putting the word out there. He reported that we’ve flattened out on facebook, ever since the end of the Olympics.

3) The production of flyers for distribution to local High School students was discussed. Seth Abrams indicated that once we have an organization we can decide on logo.

4) Fred Maidment and Maxwell Williams talked about outreach to colleges in the city – Emory, GT, GSU.

5) Michael Pitts asked Dan Weddermann to do some research on rinks and stones (lease/rent).

6) Kristi Van Buren stated that USA curling is selling stones to clubs. We missed the first deadline to apply but there will be other opportunities in the near future.

7) Michael Pitts stressed that we need a single point of contact with USA Curling. Dan agreed to call them up as our President to initiate our formal relationship with them.

8) Michael Pitts agreed to design our Website.

9) Dan Weddermann called for a brief Directors’ meeting following the organizational meeting.

Organizational meeting was adjourned.