Attendance Edit

  • Katie Vansant
  • Fred Maidment
  • Dan Wedderman
  • John Farrar
  • Jeff Williams
  • Max Williams

Presentation Edit

Same presentation as last week -- given by Max.

General discussion about registration process - Facebook, Wiki, Registration Page

  • Dan: Let's keep the Membership Wiki Page.

Fred suggested that we should use to collect donations.

Dan thinks that MIC might be unwilling to let us use their ice because they might be afraid we'd damage their ice.

Open House Discussion Edit

Katie: Curling would be a great activity for me because I have lots of arm strength.

Max: Spoke with Rich Pullman from a northern arena curling club and told him what we'd have to pay for ice and he thought it was a terrible rate.

Max: We need to speak with the people who run Centennial Olympic park to see if we can curl there this winter.

Simulators Edit

Jeff: So are we not considering simulators?

Dan: Simulators would use up money that we could be using for ice time.

John: It's not curling.

Jerry: It's a good way to keep people interested.

John: We may not be on ice for a year.

Max: We're a long away from actually curling

Facilities Edit

A general discussion of rock storage and setting up the ice.

Kendrick owes us handouts.

Fundraising Edit

Incorporation Edit

Events Edit

Jeff will call the guy at Torian to find out more about the simulators.

John: Online tournament of online curling.