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Lancaster Curling Club, manufactured by Custom Ice, Inc.

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    • Dixon called this place
    • Dixon Freeman August 3 at 10:45am
      • I just ordered a pair of beginner shoes from Brooms Up Curling Supplies, based in Connecticut. I had a question about sizes, so I called the guy (Greg) and he had a few questions for me about our club. But he offered to travel to our events to display his wares and offer advice on equipment etc. The club would get a percentage of any sales. Something to keep in mind when we're ready to have our first "Learn to Curl" event.
    • Dixon Freeman August 3 at 8:54pm
      • Also, I forgot to mention that he sells "club" brooms, like the one's most of you used this weekend, at cost. That's another investment we will need to make for a future event.
    • Dixon Freeman August 6 at 12:14pm
      • I had the name wrong. He's Gary Suslavich. His wife is Megan. I got the shoes today. A little narrow and long, but cheap!